Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wars Over Trivial Things.

I'VE noticed kind of a TREND on the Internet these days. People are arguing over such trivial matters. Android vs. iOS vs. Windows Phone. Chrome vs. Mozilla vs. Safari. Gif with a hard g vs. Gif with a j sound. WHY? WHYY? Why are we wasting out time on stuff that doesn't even matter to us. Why SHOULD we care if people like iPhones more than Android Phones? Why should we care how certain people pronounce things? Well, I have a theory...

<sidenote> I don't know the exact definition of "theory" so this might not be a theory at all <sidenote>

I think these people just have WAYYYYYY too much time on their hands... kind of like me. But instead of channeling it into what I consider a positive endeavor (writing this, ironically), they just channel their inner hate. They want to show everyone how tough they can be, just via their keyboard. These people can be from all walks of life, maybe one is a bully, then the other might be a victim of bullying. That's the thing, you see. On the internet, nobody knows who you are. You could be some 40-year-old man living in his mom's basement, surviving purely off of your internet connection and delivery pizza. Or you could be a really sensitive, bullied, teased 10-year-old that just needs to let off some steam. I never know if I should retaliate and fight back or just let it slide, knowing full well that I was right.

<sidenote> I (mostly) only ever say/argue something if I know for a fact that I'm right. This applies on the internet only. In real life, that's a different story.... <sidenote>

YOU see, if I retaliate, I could just push the person to fight back, kind in a "backed-into-a-corner" type of way. But if I do NOTHING, then the person just got away with whatever they said, correct or otherwise.

YOUTUBE comments are the worst. That's why, on most of my YouTube comments, I just flag/report abuse to those comments that incite flame-wars and the like. You see, confrontation in real life is fine for me, but on the internet, NO SIREE. I always back down to a fight on the internet, because:

1) I really want to leave a positive digital footprint, and feeding the trolls kind of counteracts that, and
2) I only type to those that actual respect/acknowledge what I write. For instance, I've responded in the past to a couple of trolls, trying to silence them with the CLICK CLACK of my keyboard, but they just answer with a string of obscenities and slurs, pretty much like a caveman. Why should I waste my energy on such people?

TL;DR So yeah, I learned my lesson not to feed trolls or fight back because it could 1) hurt someone, 2) wastes my energy, 3) impact my digital footprint negatively.

SORRY this was kind of a short and insignificant post about the internet, but I felt that I needed to talk about it.