Saturday, May 30, 2015

My Favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe Good Guys (Phase 2)

Every good guy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has great qualities that we can learn from, but I like some more than others. Hey, don't hate me for the list, just change your opinion to match the list! (Just kidding!)
Note that this list is (as of 2015) just for Phase 1 and 2. I will be updating it for Phase 3! I may have missed some good guys, so comment which ones I missed and where they should be on the list!

Without further ado, in most favorite to least favorite order:

1. Hawkeye- just an average guy that practiced to get where he is on the Avengers squad. RESPECT
2. Groot- do I really need to explain this one?
3. Agent Carter- Badass federal agent tearing down gender roles by being a freaking BAWS.
4. Captain America- He's the embodiment of everything good in a person. 'NUF SAID.
5. Rocket- a raccoon with an attitude, Rocket is HILARIOUSLY AWESOME.
6. Starlord- doing what he wants, when he wants, Peter Quill is SUPER CHILL.
7. Daredevil- doing what he needs to do to save a dying city. Did I mention he's blind? MAD SKILL
8. Quake- an Inhuman discovering her true past, learning a ton along the way. She's crazy LOYAL.
9. Bucky Barnes (Cap's first movie)- Cap's number 2, he died for the greater good. DEDICATION
10. Agent Coulson- will do anything to protect the world, he's an amazing LEADER
11. Nick Fury- really freaking cool, he brought together the Avengers. THE EYEPATCH
12. Vision- Jarvis in real life, Vision is awesome. Also, he can lift Thor's hammer. WORTHY
13. War Machine- he stole Stark's tech to prevent him from being a drunk hero. RESPONSIBLE
14. Iron Man- hilarious, sarcastic, and above all, a freaking tech GENIUS
15. Black Widow- a mysterious ninja chick. She brings the team together. SUPPORTIVE
15. Banner/Hulk- one's an intelligent scientist. The other is a giant green RAGE MONSTER
16. Winter Soldier- though brainwashed by HYDRA, he's back with a vengeance. REDEMPTION
17. Thor- a freaking Asgardian prince and god, Thor learned to contain his arrogance. HUMILITY
17. Drax- Ronin killed his family, and so he killed Ronin. FEARLESS
18. Falcon- befriended Cap in the modern age, he took out his suit to fight once more. READY
19. Scarlet Witch- though manipulated by Ultron, she chose the good path. RIGHTEOUSNESS
20. Quicksilver- super fast at everything, he defied Ultron to save Sokovia and Earth. DEFIANT