Saturday, May 2, 2015

My First Post: Making Friends

SO, this is my first blog post. UHHHHHHH, hi, my name is Pranav, I'm currently in middle school (almost in high school, where, if what I've heard is anything true, the STRUGGLE GETS REAL!), and yeah. That's me. And this is my blog, where, the title is basically what it is all about.  Okay, so, yeah, welcome to my blog type thing. Onto the actual post...

<sidenote> I'm really lazy, so I will be using CAPS LOCK instead of italics to italicize stuff <sidenote>

I'M going to be moving in some months, not a huge move but nevertheless a move. New house = new school. And that means new friends. Problem is, making friends is hard, especially when you don't have anyone you know in the environment where you want to make friends. For example, in elementary school, where you are thrown into a new and confusing world filled with other similar 5-year-olds. However comma , 5-year-olds have basically don't have any preconceived notion of who's cool, who's weird, etc. Everyone is the same. Now that I'm thinking about it, everything should be like that. In everything, everyone should be viewed as the same, as long as they ARE equal. If they aren't equal in, say, skill set, (one may be creative whereas the other may be formulaic and boring) then you SHOULD differentiate. But I digress.

MIDDLE school is EVEN EASIER to make friends, due to your previous elementary school friends.

<sidenote> my friend Samantha made an excellent blog post about her experience about elementary school friendships and stereotypes and stuff at <sidenote>

ANYWAYS, these previously made friends know other people that are from other elementary schools that feed into the same middle school. In other words, going with the old saying, "My friend's friends are my friends," or something along those lines, your friends know others, and there are bound to be people who will become your friends in middle school.

BACK to the present now. Moving. Friends. High school. Yeah. So, in high school, especially in high school, I have a feeling that everyone already knows everyone else. I feel as though this is a part of human psychology. Like, everyone is better than you at everything. Kind of the inherent negativity bias and pessimism naturally instilled within us.

<sidenote> negativity bias may be a recurring subject on this blog, so I suggest you acquaint yourself with it using this link: <sidenote>

MAYBE it's just me, but I'm kinda scared of making new friends next year in high school. Elementary and middle? Easy as cake. High school? Kill me now. JUST KIDDING, but seriously, it feels way more daunting than it should be. Maybe this is just the stuff of movies and fiction, but social groups and cliques and such will most likely be present in my new school. It'll most definitely be hard to fit in with these circles of friends.

AT my middle school currently, I have quite a few friends, most of whom have the same/similar interests as me. Fine arts (band/choir/orchestra), studies (we all are taking high school courses in middle school, cuz ASIAN PRIDE, BABY!), and extra-curricular activities (debate, swimming, chess, I dunno, any other random thing that we do). You see, this is a pretty studious group, A Mon Avis.

<sidenote> Instead of saying/writing "In my opinion" like normal people do, I'll be saying "A Mon Avis" because 1) It's French! Who doesn't like French!, and 2) when I'm reading what I'm typing in my head, A Mon Avis kinda rolls of the tongue, in contrast with the cumbersome, clunky "In My Opinion" with all its syllables and just NOISES in general. <sidenote>

WHERE I'm moving, I'm scared that it won't be the same. Sure, there will be the nerds, and the jocks, and such but at the middle school I'm at currently, being smart is COOL and what is expected. New school, new standards... different standards, I should say. I'll probably be the only freshman in a class of sophomores, in math and orchestra at least. Also, I won't have the same smart people around me, positively impacting my life.

HOWEVER comma, now that I think about it, there will be people like me. There's bound to be at least one person like me, right? I just need to hope that I have at least one class with at least one short brown nerd. Yes, there's just gotta be at least one person.

TL;DR Okay thanks, writing this has helped me realize that my fear of being a social outcast in high school with no friends because of my semi-unique set of interests is unreasonable, because there is, statistically speaking (not really, but just roll with it), at least one person like me in my new school.