Thursday, July 30, 2015

There's No Reason To Worry #3

"What the hell does that mean?"

The dark figure walked over to the kitchen and grabbed the knife block off the island. The house was spacious, contemporary, with modern lights, finishes, and all around metallic design choices. There were two floors, and as Sanjay was clumsily sprinting up the steps to the second floor, the dark figure walked over to the stair case.

"Hey man, we can w-work this out-t-t.... I have money, here, have it all," Sanjay stammered as he dug out a couple dollars from his jeans. The dark figure swatted the bills away, threw the knife block at Sanjay, and continued up the steps. Sanjay instinctively ducked, the knives flying out of the wood and impaling the opposite wall.

The dark figure spoke once more, "Mr. Patel, come with me," before vanishing into thin air. Sanjay stood on the steps, confused, scared, and angry all in one. This is all that Davies fault! The knives remained in the walls as Sanjay walked cautiously down the steps and around to the back door.

As he opened it, he realized that it had suddenly turned dark, bugs were out and about, and Mr. Davies and gone back inside. Sanjay ran to the other side of the backyard and vaulted over the fence into the opposite house's backyard. He squatted low to the ground, and he could here the normality of the family within the house. "So, Jacob, how was school today? What did you learn?" said the mother, almost pleading her teenage boy to answer anything other than "Nothing." But alas, that did not happen. Sanjay tuned out their extraneous noise and focused on what was at hand. The dark figure. Right. Now where did he go? Sanjay looked over his shoulder at the fence. Nothing. Nobody.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed Sanjay's neck. He whipped around, heart racing, to find nothing. "Hey, if you want me to follow, maybe show yourself," he said contemptuously. And there he was, the dark figure, barely visible in the darkness.

"Follow me, Mr. Patel."

The dark figure drifted across the grass and through the fence. What the--

"Mr. Patel, if you hope to follow me, you'll have to move." And then Sanjay was moving, but not by his own will. He too was drifting across the grass and through the fence. The neighboring house seemed abandoned, the paint peeling, the grass thick and unruly, the wood rotting.

Wisely, Sanjay adopted a respectful tone before speaking, "Sir, I don't understand what you want with me." The figure knuckles became white, but that was just for an instant before he turned around and responded.

"You'll see."

"No! I don't see anything. It's dark, and there are bugs, and I have work tomorrow! Let me go!" Sanjay said desperately.

"You'll see." The dark figure drifted over to the back door, bringing Sanjay with him despite Sanjay wanting desperately to flee. The door opened of its own accord, and as they stepped inside, Sanjay gagged from the smell. The kitchen still had a pot with some indistinguishable liquid(s), and the fridge had streaks of the same liquid(s). As they went through the living room to the second floor, Sanjay pleaded

"Sir, I have to GO HOME!" No response. The dark figure went up the stairs with his prisoner, and as they went up, the colder it got. On the top step, ice had formed, and Sanjay tried to resist going up.

"Resistance is futile, Mr. Patel," the dark figure said in a different voice. His voice seemed to be the collection of many. And then Sanjay was unable to utter a sound. As they went up the steps, Sanjay closed his eyes. "Seeing is believing, Mr. Patel." His eyes were opened, without the dark figure even touching him. When they reached the landing, Sanjay couldn't believe his eyes.

"Welcome, to the Abyss."