Sunday, July 26, 2015

Minions - Average Joe Review

So, on July 25, 2015, I went to the theater to see another movie (I forgot what it was called), but because it was really boring, I moved to the theater to the right and saw Minions, start to finish. Hey, movies cost a lot these days, you gotta get your money's worth! And this is my (spoiler-free) review of the movie.

First off, if you hate the Minions and how they have taken over pop culture (one, how can you LIVE WITH YOURSELF?!), this review isn't for you (well, it is for you, but you probably won't share my opinions about the movie). Okay? Okay. OOOPS, I forgot that that's from TFiOS, oops, I hope this isn't like sued or anything. No copied right in fridge mint in tent dead!

A surprisingly funny movie, Minions is an interesting way to go about expanding the Despicable Me brand. In all their lovable banana loving goodness, people seem to be kind of binary towards them. Either you love 'em, or you think they're despicable. Get it? Because Despicable Me and Minions..... I'll show myself out. 

I feel the need for a new paragraph to distance myself from the pun. This movie highlighted why people love these yellow pills so much (that did not come out right) but it also showed me why people hate them so much. They're just too much sometimes. Sure, most of the jokes and humor in this movie were great, but some were just off the mark, too childish. I remember vividly once that a joke was made, and then nobody laughed. It wasn't very funny, it was just there to be a joke, to remind you that it's a comedy movie.

<sidenote> I won't be going over the plot of the movie in this, so you can just read this plot summary by Rotten Tomatoes <sidenote>

The beginning of the movie was very Stanley-Parable-esque, with the narrator showing us the entire history of the Minions, from them being single-celled organisms to their adventures (or should I say mishaps) with dinosaurs, cavemen, and big bears (that Agnes would probably say, "HE'S SO FWUFFY!!!!") The humor is spot on, but I felt some of it was a bit... much? There's this one scene involving a bank robbery, but guns are shown (revolvers) and it seemed out of place, at least to me, in a kids movie. As were several other jokes that I won't elaborate upon... you can watch the trailers.

The characters were great too! I bet there will be those few in the crowd that say, "THE MINIONS DON'T GROW OR CHANGE AT ALL!!!" and they would be right. But that's not to say that it's not a bad thing. Minions, a mon avis, are already fleshed out in the other movies, and that cute, playful personality is the star of the show here. Scarlet (why do I think it should be spelled with two t's?) is pure evil. A backstabbing traitor who takes advantage of the Minions' innocence. I thoroughly despised (I know, I know, that was bad) her by the end of the movie, which is a good thing!

The action was great too, with the sequences feeling natural and right at home with the rest of the movie, highlighting the villain's shortcomings and the Minions' unwitting skill for saving the day. Something to note: the main characters can barely communicate in English (Minionese being their first language... for the dictionary, click here), yet the movie still told a story. That itself is something to be applauded (not really, but just putting it out there...

That mismatched parentheses is really annoying you isn't it? I'll keep it just 'cuz. (^_^)

All in all, this movie was OKAY. Often times humor fell short of the mark, but it made up for it at other parts. In the end, the rollercoaster of Minions is worth a 3.7/5. Some parts were downright hysterical, but others had crickets chirping in the audience. Watch it if you love the Minions and can't get enough of their adventures!

That is all