Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Nostalgia For The Soul

The aching of the heart
For they were once there
Beside you

The sadness of the mind
For they were once here
Right with you

The past was the past
But that doesn't change it
That doesn't change that they
They were here
With you

But the present is the present
However the past was the past
And the aching of the heart is
Still there, for they
They were once right here

You might cry and scream
For what was once
Reality, and wish
For what could've been

And the aching heart
That is what it aches for
For the possibilities lost
For the experiences,
Never remembered

Reality was with them
Making memories

Reality isn't with them
Loneliness captivates the soul
Loneliness envelopes the mind
Loneliness is being with them
When you aren't

Nostalgia is for the soul too
To mend what once was
Into something that
Soon will be

Looking forward while
Looking back
At the life you once led
And the life you will lead