Monday, November 9, 2015

Long Time No See

The two people lock eyes. From across the crowded room, their eyes light up as they exchange glances. One smiles. One pretends to be oblivious. People mill about, talking about their mundane lives. The two people slowly wade through the people until they are face to face.



"Long time, no see."

"Long time, no see."

One blushes. One looks down at their feet.

"How have you been?"


The two smile. They stand there. Motionless. The sea they went through to get there engulfed them once more. The people milled about. They stand there. Motionless. Time passes, but they don't move. They become separated. Other people interrupt their moment. Suddenly, they were back to where they started.

They look for one another in the crowded room. As they search, they find new faces, new people. Time passes, but they stand still. They stay rooted to the spot. Motionless. And the distance between them has never been greater.

Slowly, the other people file out of the room. Hours pass. They stand there. Motionless. And then, one smiles. One finds the other.

And then the two fade, a memory long forgotten.